Platform documentation, 27/09/07

Featuring Pete Barrett, 'Your Choice' Company, Joanna Griffin, Michael Jones, Stefanie Sachsenmaier

The third YaYW platform in September 2007 showcased staged performance, dance, durational performance, installation and media work by five artists and companies. The event was accompanied by an apple fiesta in the Cube yard.

Visual artist Joanna Griffin kickstarted the first event on stage with her performance 'Satellite Stories'. Joanna has been researching satellites for some years now. Her work investigates our connection to this orbital environment, punctuated and decribed by the presence and architectural formations of man-made satellites.

London based performance artist Stefanie Sachsenmaier presented her solo-performance 'im-pressions of an-other'. She consciously concentrates on developing movement which is not part of any recognisable dance style or any other 'ready' movement vocabulary. Her work seeks to 'invent' something that has stylistically a strong personal signature.

In the bar area Pete Barrett could be observed sitting on a table with a stop watch and a huge pile of carrots, which he was eating throughout the evening. 'Carrots' draws in a humorous way on the false belief that eating carrots does improve your eye-sight. Barrett's work centres around the lengths people go to in order to appease their inner demons or satisfy their irrational fantasies.

In the Cube yard the viewer was drawn to 'Narcissus', an installation which consists of a shiny mirrored ball and the sound of water dripping. The work by Bristol based artist Michael Jones refers to the story of Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection in a shallow pool of water. Jones is interested in the function of the viewer and how the story can be replicated by the viewer.

The installation 'Monkey See Monkey Do' presented a media projection in the Cube lounge, whilst the lounge walls were covered with old magazine pages. Your Choice company focus in their work on the consumerist world they live in and explore social awareness.

Alongside the event harvested apples from feral apple trees in Bristol were pressed live into apple juice and turned into tasty baked apples and apple crumble.